Where we are

Casa Chiarito is located on Via Delle Cartiere in Amalfi. A charming villa, unique in its kind, where you can experience days away from the chaos and immersed in unspoiled nature, but at a very short distance from the city center of Amalfi, reachable ina walk of a few minutes.

To get to Casa Chiarito you have to walk 48 comfortable steps from the road. It is an easy road to travel, which will allow you to enjoy a spectacular, unique place.

Our villa is only 500 meters from the sea and Cathedral Square, on the edge of the historic center, nestled in an oasis of peace among the verdant citrus groves of Valle dei Mulini. Casa Chiarito borders one of the oldest paper mills of medieval origin in the ancient locality “Chiarito,” from which the house takes its name, and in the area where the north gate of the city of Amalfi was located.

Surrounded by nature, Casa Chiarito is the ideal starting place for those who love trekking or even just walking in the wonderful nature, enjoying clean air and beautiful scenery, enriched by beautiful waterfalls.

The trail, which runs through the Valley of the Mills and past the ruins of paper mills and the old foundry, takes us inside the nature reserve of the the Ironworks Valley where due to the special microclimate a rare fern grows,the ” Woodwardia radicans”, which can reach up to 180 cm in height typical of tropical regions with heavy rainfall, etc.

The distance from the hustle and bustle is even more enhanced by the fact that the most popular tourist attractions are still very close and the commute easily manageable. You can find stores, restaurants and supermarkets within a few meters of our vacation home. The city bus stop is a few meters away, and the SITA bus station is 500 meters away. The port where hydrofoils, boats, ferries can be taken is 500 meters away.

City bus stop a few meters away

SITA bus station stop is at mt 500

Hydrofoils/ boats/ ferries mt 50